Gözde Group began its business life in 1996 by entering construction sector. In 1998 it is decided to invest in health sector based upon the both founder of the group is doctor. It is named as Gözde Health Group by completing the investments on radiological monitoring centers, dialysis centers, polyclinics, medical centers and hospitals. The construction and project of these healthcare facilities are completed within the group and put into service in seven cities of Turkey.

Myvia young wellness centers have been put into service in Izmir under the Gözde Group. Opening new branches continue rapidly. Human-centered approach made an important contribution by its institutionalization. Furthermore, it established officially Gözde Group by transferring its experiences in service sector, in which it must be acted special and particular as well as health. It provides unique living spaces in secured constructions, in which technology, comfort and peace exist together, by combining its manufacturing capacity in construction sector with its knowledge in service sector. Currently dwelling production over approximately 3000 continues in Malatya and Izmir as completed, non-finished and designed.

Gözde Group is proud of constructing its investments with innovative, rapid and principled projects primarily where it is established then supporting development of the country with new investments all across Turkey. Professional team of Gözde Group formed a new style in construction sector with its strong and rapid structure and high financial capacity continues its investments safely in new lines of business as project developer.

Gözde Group continues to grow up in healthcare sector with its new branches opened in different parts of Turkey. Gözde Hospitals adopted the principle to support the development of the sector with actual, protective and healing healthcare services by expert doctors and medical personnel by making no concessions on medical ethical values with total sense of quality. Gözde Health Group provides diagnosis and treatment services for 1 million patients pro year in 7 hospitals 2 medical centers with total 500 bed amount in different cities of Turkey.

Gözde Group, which takes part in a different position in health sector with medical medicine production, has provided the appointment of 2 medicines with consumer by its production since 2016. It becomes a solution many people with its medicines named.

Ege Masalı Catering established to provide unique tastes of Aegean cuisine provides service for the customers with different tastes in special days. Ege Masalı Catering having large spectrum of delicious tastes continues its growth every day.

Gözde Group offers job opportunities for many people with its services in different sectors and continues its innovative projects with excitement on the first day. Gözde Group loving to produce, taking service as duty will stand by you tomorrow as today.