In addition to its services in the field of healthcare, Gözde Group started to provide medical drugs production support in 2016.

"Endemesis Spray Gel" was produced to help the nausea problem of pregnant mothers who has migraine problem and patients recieving chemotherapy treatment in cases of sensitivity to odor.

With the success of the first medical drug production, work for new drug production began immediately and the ba-bamm was put on market for men.

Endemesis® spray gel

Endemesis® spray gel is an adjuvant product to support the resolution of nausea and related problems caused by unpleasant odor (cacosmia). Endemesis® spray gel acts as barrier between the olfactory receptors of nose and the unpleasant odor and it blocks the unpleasant odor.

-Eugenol is an antibacterial, antifungal herbal product that has a partial blocking effect on the olfactory receptors and has a refreshing effect with its unique odor.
-Mix herbal is an aromatic mixture that enhances the usage quality of spray with its unique odor and taste and supports the barrier effect.
-Eucalyptol is a product that enhances the usage quality of spray with its refreshing features.
-Glycerol is a product that softens the surface of the area where the olfactory receptors are located and creates a gel barrier hereby.
-Lidocainum is an adjuvant product of eugenol effect and used to reduce the feeling of dull inflammation that can be caused by eugenol.


Due to its creatine monohydrate content, Ba-bamm aims to create ATP (adenosine triphosphate) resource, which is used as an energy resource in muscle activities in period from erection until ejaculation during sexual intercourse, by becoming a part at the moment of deficiency of ATP. By this mean the muscles can function exactly as provided energy they needed.

Therefore it helps contraction of muscle groups commensurately strong, which participate in ejaculation of pelvic floor muscles and dartos muscles, and sexual performance to be exactly. It aims to participate of sperms in testes in ejaculation period because of this explosive contraction force into ejaculation by activating nearly total of these sperms. It helps to increase the number of lively sperm with high capacity of fertilization.